A tribute to the Hebrew culture and its presence in Cuba

Hotel Raquel Dome

Hotel Raquel

The Hotel Raquel, located in the corner that Amargura and San Ignacio streets makes in Old Havana, and near the one that was Jewish neighborhood of Havana, where it is still the oldest Sephardic synagogue in Cuba, it has as headquarters an eclectic building of Baroque facade and three storeys.

Hotel Raquel Lobby

The Hotel Raquel, monumental and roomy establishment that becomes of principles of the XX century, works as such from June 5 of 2003, thanks to a restoration process carried out by The Company Habaguanex S.A. belonging to the Office of the City Historian of Havana, paying permanent tribute to the Hebrew culture and its presence in the Cuban contemporary art.

Hotel Raquel Reception

This elegant building besides its style Art Nouveau that make it captivating amid the historic city center of Havana, possesses other charming eccentricities in its design including the marble columns that rise in the hall of the entrance, an extensive roof of dark glass and a watchtower from which guests can look out the streets and squares of Old Havana.

Hotel Raquel Terrace

Also, The Hotel Raquel is a construction taken care in detail, where step opens up to beautiful sculptures, paintings, columns and to a matchless, long and impressive skylight that finishes off and consolidates the charm of this welcoming inn.

Raquel's name is symbolically taken, for that beautiful woman, emblem of the Hebrew culture and inspiring of countless works of art, considered the fourth matriarch of the Jewish town in turn. So, in the same way, each one of the spaces of the Hotel Raquel shows biblical names and decorations with their corresponding works of art.

Hotel Raquel Restaurant

The Hotel Raquel has 25 very pleasant rooms and very equipped for a pleasant stay, where it stands out the mosaic floor, as present at many homes of Havana as absent in other hotels; besides a refined restaurant of Jewish cuisine, and the bar-coffee that it finish off the one that perhaps is the best hotel in the historic city center.

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